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Best hotels in Varna list

5 stars hotels in Varna

Best hotels in Varna. The 5 star hotels are concidered the best all over the world. Varna is no exception and we have selected and listed the best hotels in Varna here.

5 stars hotel in Varna - Graffit - best hotels in Varna

Graffit Gallery Hotel

Address: 65 Kniaz Boris І Blvd., Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 52 989 900
Fax: +359 52 989 902
Email: reservations@graffithotel.com
Work time:

Monday - Sunday
00:00 - 23:59

Graffit Gallery Hotel map. How to get to Graffit Gallery Hotel in Varna

Best hotels in Varna list is a listing of all 5 star hotels in the second largest city in Bulgaria.