The Wonder Rocks
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The Wonderful Rocks

The Wonderful Rocks are ten massive beautiful rock needles, 40-50 meters high, shaped like castle towers. They were formed by the effect of wind and water on limestone. The rocks had formed directly by the banks of Tsonevo dam, where they are steep and vertical. In the region are situated a lot of interesting caves, rock massifs and holes, some of which are inhabited by large rapacious birds.

The phenomenon consists of three massifs. Three tunnels are dug through their entire length, where an automobile road made of crushed stones passes. Since they can be seen from the main road, the rocks often attract the travelers, which come by to enjoy the view.

The rocks which have routes for rock climbing are also interesting. They are situated at a distance of 10 minutes walking from the natural phenomenon “The Wonderful Rocks”, uphill along a steep path, at the place of an abandoned quarry. The rocks have the shape of an arch, with typical ceiling in their upper part.