The State Pupet Museum Varna
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The State Puppet Museum

Attraction type: Museums & Galleries
Address: 4 Dragoman Str., Varna
Phone: +359 52 608 172
Mobile: +359 885 12 40 12
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Tuesday - Friday

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The Puppet Museum was opened in 1985. The Puppet Museum in Varna is the only one of its kind on the Balkans and one of the very few puppet museums in Europe. It is located next to the State Puppet Theatre – Varna.

The exhibition tracks the progress of the puppets and the stage design over the years and the work of some of the most famous designers and artists participated in Varna Puppet Theatre. The exposition contains about 130 theatre puppets, elements and decors used in various performances on stage at Varna Puppet Theatre in the period 1952-1995. The museum’s collection includes the popular Japanese dolls yavayki, the well-known glove puppets, as well as dolls, masks and others. There are also shown unique mechanized puppets operated by complex structures and mechanisms, constructed by George Saravanov (founder of the Varna Puppet Theatre). They are wooden and are similar to the puppets, but unlike them, the operator is replaced by a keyboard. Each key on the keyboard moves a separate element from the body of the doll and this simulate very fine the movements of the human body.

The Puppet Museum of Varna was presented on a special exhibition at the festival in Tolosa, Spain in 1994; in Budapest, Hungary in 1996.