The Monastery of Saints Constantine and Helena
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The Monastery of “Saints Constantine and Helena”

Attraction type: Temples
Phone: +359 52 362 076
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Monday - Sunday

08:00 - 18:00

Today, thanks to its location, the Monastery of “Staints Constantine and Helena” is frequented by the thousands of Bulgarian and foreign guests of the resort, and enjoys their special attention.

According to the legends a monastic fraternity existed here as early as 16th century.
Other legend tells of how local folk found an icon of the saints Constantine and Helena out of a shipwreck in the close vicinity of the present-day monastery – an icon which later proved wonder-working and inspired pious people to build a place of worship and establish a monastery next to it, in a place of immediate proximity of where the icon had been found. Crowds of believers and worshippers came here to pray and find forgiveness, help and cure for their illnesses and sufferings. It is why Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helena, the saints of the miraculous icon, became patrons of the newly-founded monastery.