The cape of Kaliakra
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The cape of Kaliakra

Attraction type: Historical Monuments

This is one of the most charming places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Located 2 km into the sea, Kaliakra is the longest cape along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The name Kaliakra, which means “beautiful cape”, was first mentioned in the 13th – 14th centuries. In the 14th century the Bulgarian state was divided in three, and Kaliakra became centre of its eastern-most part and established itself as a big international harbour.

The slopes of the cape take a 60 – 70 m plunge straight into the sea. The waves have carved caves and arches at its foot that can be approached only by the sea. In the past these tunnel-caves were connected to the fortress and were used for loading and unloading ships.

The most famous legend related to Cape Kaliakra tells the story of 40 Bulgarian girls led by the beautiful Kaliakra who jumped from the rocks and into the sea to escape from the Ottomans. They braided their hair together to make sure no one would back away.