The Azazie Mosque
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The Azazie Mosque

Attraction type: Temples
Address: 25 "Angel Georgiev" Str., Varna

The Azazie mosque was built in 1795 (according to some information). Like the most mosques and in this one the praying hall are towards Meka. The mosque is low building with a small yard in the middle. The minaret is at the west side, to the right of the entrance. The minaret is with square base.

After the reconstruction the interior is slightly formed, but according to the religious statues. Before the entrance of the pray hall there is a small premises for ritual washing and a place for the shoes. On the analogy of the Christian altar, there is a praying niche. This mosque is the only one decorated niche with “gold door” from Meka. There is a terrace at the entrance colon, behind at which is the place for the women. Typical and for the other mosques is the passage between the terrace and minaret.