St Nikolai Church Varna
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Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church

Attraction type: Temples
Address: 35 "Knyaz Boris I" blvd
Phone: +359 52 622 727
Work time:

Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 18:00

The temple was built with the donation of the Russian citizen Paraskeva Nicolau / Nikolaev / native of Varna. According to his will, he determines the amount of 50,000 rubles and at his request the church received the name Church of St. Nicholas.

In  front of the  church  there  is a monument Paraskeva Nicolau. The construction of the Temple began in 1859 and lasted eleven years. According to the chronicle since 1906 in the church “St. Nicholas” serve Bulgarian priests. Experiencing a violent storm during a voyage to Odessa, a frightened Varna merchant Paraskeva Nickolau promised to build a church and hospital in honor of St. Nicholas if they landed safely. Never returning to Varna, he honored his promise by sending money for the church and hospital. Built in 1865, the church is still active and many sailors and fishermen come to venerate St. Nicholas, their protector. Russian sailors, too, visit and light candles for their safety. The church was renovated in 1961 and renovations began again in 2000.