Temple of Wine
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Semela Temple of Wine

Attraction type: Entertainment
Address: 7 Musala Street, Varna
Phone: +359 52 603 810 / +359 52 899 4714

Situated in the center of Varna, Semela Temple of Wine is a unique wine tasting cellar. It has been built over the ruins of one of the towers of the ancient Greek wall of old town Odesos. The walls of the wine tasting hall are remarkable from an archeological point of view – they form a part of an authentic fortress wall dating back to the 4th century BC.

The visitor comes to learn about the history and technology of wine making in Bulgaria and partakes in the tasting of a range of high quality Bulgarian wines.

The “priest” of the Temple of Semela dressed in ritual robe, standing on the ancient paving stones among original archaeological finds, performs the wine tasting rite, describes the wines and tells exciting myths and legends. The secret ritual of wine tasting is played out before everyone’s eyes in the accompaniment of moving folklore music.

After wine tasting is over visitors may take a stroll around and purchase good quality wines from the rich collection of the Wine Shop, which is also a museum.