St Petka Church Varna
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Saint Petka Orthodox Church

Attraction type: Temples
Address: 36 Str Graf Ignatiev, Varna
Phone: +359 52 658 904
Work time:

Monday - Sunday

08:00 - 18:00

The St Paraskeva Petka Church – also known simply as Sveta Petka – was founded in the first years of the 20th Century. Unlike some other churches in the city, it remains intact in its original state. It was not painted until 1973 when a number of icons were added to the walls.

The construction of the church “St. Petka Paraskeva” began in 1901. Still stands the stone illuminated at the groundbreaking ceremony by Bishop Simeon. The church was finished in 1906
Unlike most churches in Varna “St. Petka” was not destroyed.
It was painted only in 1973, images of saints are work of artists Dimitar Bakalski and Sergey Rostovtsev. The church ornaments are made by painter Alexander Sorokin.
The eternal struggle between good and evil is the main stage in the iconostasis of the church. Both dragon bowed head before the cross and dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit, are the evidence of God’s goodness and justice.
In 1928 it was built extension to the church – today’s christening.