Saint Athanasius Orthodox Church
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Saint Athanasius Orthodox Church

Attraction type: Temples
Address: 19 Str Graf Ignatiev, Varna
Phone: +359 52 639 716
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Monday - Sunday

08:00 - 18:00

The church “St. Athanasius” is situated near the Roman Baths in Varna. It was built in August 1838 on the ruins of a small church bearing the same name burned in 1836 in this place.

This is understood by the marble slab placed over the front door of the temple with the following inscription in Greek: “The old church of St. Athanasius, which have not ahead destroyed Mars bombs burned on 1836 February 15, has resumed on 1838 August 29th. ”

Burnt church was smaller, similar to the current old-time church “St. Assumption” (known by the locals as Little Mary). After measurements made by professionals, it turns out that the width of the burned temple was 5 meters. In support of this assertion serve five the number of old icons and royal gates stored in “St. Athanasius” and then transferred to the Historical Art Museum in Varna. One of the icons “St. apostles Peter and Paul”, has been relatively well preserved, and the remaining four were in poor condition.

Temple “St. Athanasius” was a true spiritual and architectural diamond, provocative admiration and adoration, both among locals and among tourists.