Port Varna
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Port Varna

Attraction type: Transport points
Address: 1 Slaveikov Square, Varna
Phone: +359 52 692 508
Email: headoffice@port-varna.bg

Varna became a key economic, cultural and administrative center of the new independent Bulgarian state, in the late 19th century. The government made a decision in 1888 to build new seaports in both Varna and Burgas. The port facility was designed in accordance with the modern European standards at the time.

Port Varna is the largest seaport complex in Bulgaria. Located on the Black Sea’s west coast on Varna Bay. It is easily accessible by road and railroad and near to Varna International Airport.

Varna port has two terminals “East” and “West”, which are about 30 kilometers apart. Terminal “East” is located on the Black Sea, and the terminal “West” is located in the western part of Beloslav lake. Terminal “East” and terminal “West” feature with 36 dock spaces total and the maximum depth reaches 11.50m. In the harbor area of port Varna has four port complex: Petrol, TPP Ezerovo; Lesport and Ferry Complex Varna, with their total number of port spaces reaching 45.

Port of Varna-East was opened on 18th May 1906. It has 14 freight berths to handle various general and bulk cargoes and edible liquid bulks. Varna-East is situated into the Bay of Varna, at only 1 km distance from the city center. Port of Varna-East has easy access to the national rail and road networks. The international Varna Airport is some 10 km away from the port.

Varna-West is the most modern port facility at the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is located at 30 km west of Varna city, on the west shore of Beloslav Lake. The port has modern technologic lines for handling of soda, fertilizers, cement, coal, ores, phosphates, silica and liquid chemicals.