Kaliakra Archaeological Reserve
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Kaliakra Archaeological Reserve

Attraction type: Historical Monuments
Address: Kaliakra

The fortress was declared an architectural monument of culture of national importance by virtue of publication in State Gazette, issue No 73 of 1967, while Cape Kaliakra was declared a nature preserve by Ordinance No 16298 of the Council of Ministers of 27 September, 1941. A museum that preserves many archaeological finds discovered on the territory of the reserve is set up in one of the caves of Cape Kaliakra. The model that demonstrates how the ancient fortress looked like in the past is one of the most attractive exhibits in the museum.

Kaliakra is a nature and archaeological reserve. It stretches over 687.5 decares and comprises wild steppes and incredible coastal rocks. More than 400 plant species can be found in the reserve. A total of 310 kinds of birds live on the territory of Kaliakra. The region is extremely important for migrating birds because Via pontica, the second biggest migratory route in Europe, passes through it. Every autumn between August and October thousands of birds fly through the reserve. Dolphins can be spotted in the sea around the cape.

During national holidays Cape Kaliakra is beautifully lit up by powerful floodlights and thus transforms into a magical place that combines the ancient history with the romantic side of the sea.