Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Varna
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Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

Attraction type: Temples
Address: Square "St. Kiril I Metodii" 2, Varna
Phone: + 359 52 613 005
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Monday - Sunday

8:00 - 18:00

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, built in the 19th century, houses a finely carved iconostasis and bishop’s throne as well as some interesting murals and stained glass.

Thanks to its location in the center of Varna, the Cathedral is one of the most famous Varna`s attractions. The Cathedral or Temple ‘the Assu of Most Holy Merry’ is one of the most visited places by tourists and among the symbols of the sea capital.   The first stone upon the construction of the temple was placed by Prince Alexander I of Battenberg (1857 – 1893) in 1880. After the consecration, the prince reprieved all the prisoners from the Varna prison, for which three months of their sentences were remaining. The name that was chosen, The Assumption of Holy Mother, was to the memory of the Russian Empress Maria Alexanrovna, benefactor of Bulgaria and aunt of the Prince.
The complete decoration of the temple began in 1949, and in the 1960s the stained glass of the large windows looking to the square were made.

Cathedral facade is made of stones, dragged from the nearby villages. The inner columns are made of a solid stone, get from a region in the northeast from Varna. The stones for the outer columns are supplied from Ruse. The vault archs are made of travertine and the domes are coated in copper tin-plate. The completed cathedral is impressive in size with cross domes. The entire decoration of the temple is started in 1949.

There are three altars in Cathedral: the Assu of Most Holy Merry is in central position, the southern is dedicated to St. Nikolay Mirikliiski, and the north altar – to Alexander Nevsky. Ferscoes are among the most valuable features of Varna Cathedral. The decoration of patriarchal throne and iconostases is a real masterpiece of wood-carving. In order to see a beautiful panorama of the city from its bell tower, the visitor should ascend the 133 narrow spiral steps.